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Etsy Conversations

Nov 18, 2015

Kim Konen is back on the podcast and if you don't yet know who she is then you probably didn't hear the Bonus Q&A Episode of the podcast back in June 2015.

Kim is a former Etsy employee who relocated from New York and now sells full time on Etsy in her shop Tiny Hearts. I've been waiting to have Kim back on to talk about her own Etsy story as a seller and in this episode you'll get to know her better as an Etsy seller (which is also interwoven with her time as an Etsy employee).

For the second time now, I anticipated that I'd spend about an hour talking with Kim for the podcast but we went on for almost 2 hours!! That's because she's just so engaging and a huge source of helpful information.

I love that Kim is still so passionate about the Etsy community and making it a marketplace that buyers and sellers feel good about doing business on... And it's genuine, not because she's worked there but because she genuinely believes in it.

I really think you'll enjoy this Etsy Convo.

Topics Discussed:

  • Time management
  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Goal setting
  • Prepping for Christmas/holiday selling period
  • And much much more...

Resources Mentioned:

Best ways to reach Kim:

Kim's Etsy Shop ShoutOut

  • Good Afternoonan - run by Katie N. who makes and sell custom pet portraits and other other gift items for pet's humans

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