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Etsy Conversations

Nov 25, 2015

Darnell Brown is the Founder and Chief Creative officer of Nelly Bloom and he's my guest this week, Nelly Bloom is a quirky lifestyle brand that makes bold graphic tees and he's put in a lot of effort to define and target exactly the market he wants to reach.

From my first contact with Darnell, I could sense the energy he has put behind his brand and in talking with him his passion for what he's doing now and the direction he wants to take his company really shines through brightly.

I learned so much from Darnell because he reads a LOT and really has taken the time to educate himself about business and things that intrigue him so he was dropping all kinds of "knowledge bombs" on me and I loved!!

Topics Discussed

  • Building a culture around your brand
  • Lean startup methodology and how he's applying that to his creative business
  • Social media strategy for marketing an Etsy shop and brand
  • Time management and multi-tasking

My Favorite Quotes by Darnell

  • Wall art is about impression, graphic tees are about expression
  • Creativity can flourish, even within constraints
  • You've got to niche down and scale up

Resources mentioned

Darnell's Etsy ShoutOut

  • Etsy buyer: Lucy T. for providing valuable insight and being the first customer to purchase a graphic tee

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