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Etsy Conversations

Feb 18, 2015

We're in France this week! :)

Talk about inspirational... Sophia is my guest this week and she runs the Etsy shop Sophia Pagan Photography where she sells her original fine art photography prints.

So why is her story so inspiring you might ask...? Well, you know how some of us at some point or another have dreamed of...

Feb 11, 2015

Last week we went North of the Border and this week we're going South of the Border! My guest is Dani and she runs the Etsy shop Designed by Dani N.

Dani is based in Barranquilla, Colombia and she sells her original designs for invitations, cards, and other printable products. Best of all, they're all available in both...

Feb 4, 2015

My guest this week is Michelle and she just recently made her very first sale on Etsy... Exciting times! Special shout out to Tina St. John of Etsy shop Tina St. John Jewelry (you'll hear why in our convo)  :)

Michelle runs the Etsy shop Cherry Pixels Photos which was borne out of her photography hobby.

Michelle jumped...

Jan 28, 2015

Marisa is a veterinary school student in the making and in the meantime she's running her Etsy shop Too Many Pieces. She makes bead sprites of old (and new) school video games, and the inspiration for this came from her love of gaming.

She's a gamer and a crafter! In addition to talking about her craft and Etsy...

Jan 21, 2015

Mark runs the Etsy shop Mahogany Rhino where he sells vintage typewriters. I was happy to finally have on an Etsy seller that sells vintage items and I had a LOT of questions for him about what he sells.

There was lots to discuss with Mark, I was curious about how and why he ended up selling vintage items on Etsy as...