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Etsy Conversations

May 6, 2015

Marianne runs the Etsy shop MB Paper Design but up until just under a year ago her Etsy shop had a whole different name and flavor.

I discovered her when she was featured on the Handmadeology website and after reading her story I knew she'd be great to have on the podcast because I think you'll really like her and the story of her Etsy journey.

When she initially started out on Etsy in 2012, she launched her shop as CindyBlue Designs but in June 2014 she re-branded and took her Etsy shop in a completely new and different direction, braving the wedding niche...

It turns out the move was not only a good one but also very well-timed.

In my convo with Marianne you'll hear why she decided to make that move and what it took to go through the whole niche change and shop alteration. I'm trying not to give too many spoilers but she says that six months into the change her sales tripled... Yes, they grew 3-fold!

If you're a seller who is struggling with low to no sales right now and you're looking for some inspiration and practical ideas about how to rev up your Etsy business, then sit back and listen to what Marianne has to say.

Believe me, it's not just a pep talk, she shares some very valuable tips, resources and information about specific and practical steps she took (which you can too) to turn things in an upward direction for her Etsy business, and that's exactly what it is... a business.

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