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Etsy Conversations

May 13, 2015

I'd like to give a big shoutout to my friend Jessica Rhodes of Entrepreneur Support Services and Interview Connections for referring this week's podcast guest to me. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you might need a helping hand with some tasks from time to time and if/when you do I highly recommend you connect with Jessica and see how she can help you out. Thank you Jessica! :)

And my guest this week is Kelley Quakkelaar, and like me, I'm pretty sure she gets to spell her last name for people quite a lot... ;)

Kelley runs the Etsy shop Gracie Designs and she's a veteran seller on Etsy who's been on the site since June 2006 and she's had way over 7,000 sales on Etsy to date. From her college days of making and selling stuff to pay for beer to quitting her day job to become a full-time Etsy seller, Kelley shares her amazing, very colorful, and most of all, inspiring journey.

In our convo, we delve quite deeply into topics that haven't been discussed in such detail as of yet on the podcast and it's all great stuff!

From Facebook ads and Facebook promoted posts to how to sell successfully (and lucratively) at local farmer's markets, to outsourcing administrative tasks (specifically for Etsy sellers) and even some words of wisdom from Mark Cuban...

Yes, that Mark Cuban :)

There's lots more stuff that I intended to discuss with Kelley in our convo but as you'll see, this convo ran for over an hour so that gave me a really good excuse to have her back on the podcast again to continue our discussion...

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