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Etsy Conversations

May 27, 2015

Ever considered making every item you create and sell in your Etsy shop a limited edition piece? Well, that's exactly what my podcast guest this week does.

She's Gemma Fenol and she runs the Etsy shop Designs Tandem. Gemma makes just 30 individual runs of each item and then that line goes away forever.

Listen to our convo and hear how and why she has chosen this unique path.

Gemma went from being an interior designer to a graphic designer and now she gets to combine the best of both worlds and both skill sets in her original line of handmade notebooks and lifestyle journals.

As a relatively new Etsy seller, I was also curious about how she manages her time so we discuss that as well. And of course how she promotes her Etsy shop and which systems are giving her the best return on her time investment.

Gemma's advice to new and struggling Etsy sellers: Do one thing and do it right

...I totally agree, especially since as creatives we tend to go through periods of abundance of creativity and new ideas, this can sometimes be hard to do but we just need to do it when necessary.

Resources mentioned:

  • Happ Barcelona (local shop in Barcelona, Spain that carries Gemma's notebooks)

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